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Option set or database

I have a bunch of categories with subcategories that is quite large. 200 total

I’m aware you can only add these manually too option sets but I can upload them to the database which is quicker.

Am I best of adding these manually and having better performance from option set or add to the database. Would there be much performance difference between the too?

If it’s a predefined list that only you change (and not a user) yes use an option set it’ll be way better for performance and there won’t be a difference between live and test data.

Also, if you need some help with that option set - i’ve that that problem many times and wrote a little script to automate the creation of a bunch of options for a given set.

If you want i can run it for you on your list and post a link to an editor where you can copy it, all i’ll need is the list of options in plain text separated by a newline.

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Wow thanks . Amazing! Would you mind if I DM you when I’m back at work on Monday morning.

np mate, and yeah sure

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