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Import text in to different data types rows


I’m a trying to load data from one data cell. That consists of multi rows of text. I would like to find a way to extract everything I a the list in the text to different rows in a different data type.

From data type Startup to data type Timeplan.

  1. Material procurement and contacting craftsmen for quotes and scheduling (2023-09-23)
  2. Demolish existing bathroom and dispose of waste materials (2023-09-30)
  3. Install plumbing and electrical systems (2023-10-07)
  4. Wall and floor tiling (2023-10-14)
  5. Painting or wallpapering walls and ceilings (2023-10-21)
  6. Assembly of bathroom fixtures and fittings (2023-10-28)
  7. Final inspection and any necessary adjustments (2023-11-04)

Is there a way to do this ?

Thanks in advance!

Okay the question isn’t really clear, but does this describe it accurately:

You have a data type Startup with 7 date fields. You want to create a Timeplan for each date field in the Startup data type.

If so, create a backend workflow that takes a Startup a parameter. Create 7 new Timeplans (using 7 actions) - one for each field. For each timeplane, specify which field from the Startup type you’re saving.