IMPORTANT: 2checkout plugin / API

I recently posted here (with no reply) about the need for a Stripe alternative in countries not supported by Stripe. I think this is of critical importance for people coming from these unavailable countries. Basically, it means YOU CANNOT DO BUSINESS with a bubble app (unless you know to code (not exactly the purpose of bubble) or are a bubble pro who knows the intricacies of API (not the case for most users)).

I think Bubble should have catered for this category of people, both for their own interest and for people working in these countries.

From my observation 2checkout is the only provider that has payment gateways for almost all countries in the world (even paypal, plaid, or other providers have a very limited number of countries available).

I think this should be of interest even to plugin builders for a paid plugin, since I believe a large number of people would be interested to buy it.

What do you think?


any input on this one?

I need that as well!!

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