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Can a payment gateway other than Stripe be integrated with bubble?

Unfortunately I cant get a stripe account since I’m not based in the US. Could I possibly integrate any other Indian payment gateway?

Indeed, Stripe isn’t available in Greece either, maybe not at other EU countries too (there was some list at their site with the supported countries for vendors [there is separate list with the supported countries for clients])

Braintree looks like one option here…

doesn’t PayPal have some API too?

We can look into adding things, but it’s not a very quick one. Reach out by email if you want to talk about this.

Folks, sometimes we can use the embed HTML solution. I haven’t tried it yet, but I am going to eventually.

EDIT: We can also use a custom block at blockspring with custom code, maybe someone who’s willing to dabble into reading developer docs from the payment proccessor you wish to use for what coding language they use like CSV/XML and sheets or PHP, JSON or something like that.

+1 for PayPal

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Another +1. Stripe might be great product and comfy and whatnot but it has no value when people can’t use it…

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