Importing External Libraries Into Bubble

Hello. I need help understanding if it would be possible for me to import an external library from github into a Bubble app. For context, I’m working with a client called Musicshed to build them a Spotify+Web3+Blockchain app. The goal is to allow users to upload their songs, convert them into NFTs, and allow other users to buy and sell their music easily.

The client wants to use a platform called Crossmint which is supposed to make it incredibly easy to buy NFTs with just a credit card. Crossmint offers a wallet embed feature which would be great but its in github.

I do not have experience importing a github library into Bubble so my questions are “is this possible?” and “How would I do it?”

Thank you

It is possible but it would have to be a node library available from npm

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Thanks for responding.

I do not have experience working with node.js or node libraries. Is this something I can set up via Bubble’s API connector or an available plugin?

Well yes that is another way to do it, if they have an available API you could use that and it would be much easier for you (I didn’t look to see if they have an API).

You would have to build this functionality as a plugin to use the node library. You can search the marketplace to see if someone has already built one. If not, you would have to hire someone to build it as a plugin for you.

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Ah I see. Thanks for that.

Yes, Crossmint does offer an API, but not for their wallet embed at this time. Their solution is the github link I’ve shared. I’m not a traditional text-based programmer, so I wasnt sure if this was something I could work with.

But from what you’re saying, I could build a plugin with their github resources and have it work that way. That is good to know.

However, I’m not a traditional text-based programmer and my plugin development skills are not well polished. So I’ll have to explore my options with how to proceed. You’ve given me a clearer insight to my options.

Another question, and I’m sure there is no “simple” answer, but if I were to build a custom plugin using the library from node would it be possible that I could simply copy paste the code from the library into the plugin’s headers and that would be enough to make it work? Or will it be a bit more technical than that?

Thank you again for your help.

Unfortunately it is not as simple as copying/pasting code from GitHub. Although that would be really nice if it were! However, some libraries are easy to implement as a plugin, others are more difficult.

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There are npm packages that do the embed, but I think you would need to be pretty clued up in node.js to be able to do it as it looks like it also would require a whole bunch of other packages too.

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keith to the rescue? LOADERR: Load JavaScript Libraries Plugin | Bubble

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