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Importing from API into Bubble database


Just started with Bubble last week. Looks very promising. I’m just doing some testing and did even more Googling but can’t find a good guide on how to do this.

I want to have a multi-dropdown that displays options being dynamically loaded from the api.

Because loading them directly from the API takes around 15 seconds I thought I would just import the items from the API into the Bubble database and have it updated periodically. When importing the items into the database it does not add all of the items separately, but adds them as a single item.

What’s the easiest way to import json data into the Bubble database?

Thanks in advance!

Any tips? :smiley:

@stijnb you need to Schedule an API workflow on a list and configure it so it saves each item on the list as unique items in your DB

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Thank you I will give that a go!

Hi @stijnb ,

I have this problem too.

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Do you have the solution?