Performance issue with populating things from an API

Hi, Bubble community,

I’m trying to develop a simple web app on Bubble which fetch data from API and visualize it (also using my external API). app link

The amount of data is very modest and it is basically word-value pairs. When I use the hidden states it works fine. However, if I’ve not found a way to let users modify or add things (populated from from the API) I can only delete the whole row.

So I am populating data to DB using API Workflow and it is extremely slow, instead of milliseconds it takes 5-10 seconds. The additional problem is that the custom workflow continues to execute before finishing fetch. I have also tried to create only one thing with the list of API type but it does not seem to be supported.

Is there any way to make this faster (like backend action that will insert the whole list in the one opp) and wait for data insertion to finish? Alternatively, is it possible to create a thing of the API type so that I do not need to use DB or is there a way to use an API type as a database type?


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Hi there,
Transferring data between the backend and the users takes up a lot of time.
I have developed a plugin that works with JSON and offers a range of useful features while being highly optimized for performance. It can also be used for backend tasks.
This webpage serves as a demo for the plugin. If you’re interested, I can provide it to you for free so you can test it out for your app.

JSON Assistant Plugin | Bubble

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Thanks, it looks useful and interesting - however, I am not sure if it solves my problem (APIs are mine so I can prepare data for Bubble in any format). If I want to skip storing things in DB I need a way to let users modify and add things (text-number pairs) and this seems not to be supported.

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Yes, that’s correct, it won’t be effective. :see_no_evil:

After reviewing your application, it seems that some of the processes are being executed multiple times.
As shown in the image, the API call has been duplicated twice, and I suspect that the primary workflow is being repeated multiple times to retrieve all the data.

I’m not sure how well the app is functioning, but perhaps you can modify the JSON data retrieved from the API using regular expressions to keep the data in the user’s browser.

Thank you for this, maybe the issue is that the data source is continuously updated while the API workflow is populating things. Is there some way to suspend this update?

The way the data is loaded in the app will determine the solution. To improve the user experience, it’s recommended to load the page first and then call the data.

This should reduce the page loading time and make the user feel better. It’s likely that this will resolve the issue.

I’m here, If you require further assistance.