Send dynamic data in an API call using the bubble api connector

i need to make an API call to a node js server, so the server is expecting form data and respond with data back to the bubble app, so the thing is in the api connector config setting in bubble i have provided parameters and values but i want to make these values dynamic so that when a user submit information to the database we can then use that data and send a post request , at the moment its using static data how do i reference dynamic data from the form or data in the database

Thank you for your response

If you’re using the built in parameters and values, you can just uncheck the “Private” checkbox. This will expose the field in the Workflow action.

If you’re using the body editor, you can just enclose in <> for any dynamic values you want. It’ll expose them in the Workflow action in the same way.

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I am using form data as the body data, so if i uncheck private i can then reference them in the action??

it worked thank you so much

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