Impossible to merge one branch into another


I am currently experiencing a problem with my colleagues in the project we are currently working on for a client.

Historically we have a working branch per person (let’s call them dev_1 and dev_2) and a recipe branch (let’s call them preprod) before pushing this branch into the Live version once tested.

Recently a merge of dev_2 into preprod was done. After this merge my colleague can no longer merge his dev_1 work into preprod. We can’t merge dev_2 into dev_1 to push it to preprod either.

The error message is as follows:
“sorry, we had an error changes from dev_2 to dev_1. Please try again”

It turns out that historically merges have always been done from dev_2 to dev_1 then from dev_1 to preprod. Can changing this order cause problems on Bubble? What can we do to merge our different jobs correctly?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi @vincent2,

There is a fair warning in Bubble’s documentation. I believe they’re working on a better version control system, hopefully we see that rollout soon

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