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Improve website speed


so I tested my websites speed with and I noticed that around 200-300kb need to be downloaded just for fonts:

I then checked some other bubble apps (known from the forum) with pingdom and they all have around 250kb for fonts.

  1. Is it possible to improve here and downsize font size?

  2. When I use a text style but then do some individualizations on several text blocks (different font color, different spaceing etc.) does this influence font size etc. too?

  3. Can I / should I improve anything else?

Would love to hear what others have to say about this topic

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Well Google fonts are pretty good as they’re used by many so they’re cached. but one thing you could do is only use one type.


Greetings, i have been following the DB speed issues quite carefully. Currently i am struggling with a little (500 entries) DB myself. Well the read/write/edit functionality. Bubble usually requires between 4-12 seconds to respond to an edit, which makes me worrying about scalability. I am reading about folks with 500k+ entries which i am ultimately aiming at.
So how can this be “dissected”?
a) i figured that i get (a lot faster) access from 8-12 AM in the morning…europe active…us not so much …maybe
b) “montis tool” reports intersting stuff

(it show access from US, Europe and Asia…the really long loading times from europe (beyond 14 seconds…) and the details to it are also interesting (e.g “checkout.js” and “fontawesome”…)…

see here…

does this help?
would a professional plan with dedicated hardware in europe help? (i am ready to help/ test/ tune…whatever :slight_smile: …



Can you post a screenshot of the workflow which takes so long or even better show it in the forumapp?

Because I am connected to a (US) Bubble Instance and I have to say it is prettty fast.

tricky…a lot of private / company info already in that workflow…but i read a lot about cloudfron/aws "speed/issues from europe lately…hm…if i am not mistake …the databse that you describe as fast should be slow from my side if my speculations are correct, right? would there be a db with >1000+ entries which is fast in the US accessible from here?

…make the internet strong again…sorry…just proving germans do have humor…sort of :wink:


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