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Improvements on repeating group performance

Hello guys,

I don´t know if this happens to more users but when a repeating group has to show more than 100 items it gets really really slow to show the items, so please it will be nice some mayor improvements on this one since the repeating group is one of the nicest and most used element inside Bubble.


Showing more than 100 items at once is a BAD idea, at some point, you can’t make that fast. Twitter and Facebook never load 100 post at once, so you should use infinite scrolling and not full list mode to avoid this.

@emmanuel we´re building an invoicing app, nothing like Facebook and Twitter so at some point we need to load all 100 items at once. Also we tried the infinite scrolling and it´s not usable for this case.

I know you´re making improvements on this issue but is there any timeline on when it will be fully improved? because we´ve users that has from 200 to 700 invoices (items).


You should use infinite scrolling for better performance. I have never seen a web app that shows 700 items at once, of any kind.

It´s not possible for this situation. We´ve tried and for something like this (an invoicing app) the infinite scrolling does not work because the user experience is terrible since we´ve some totals at the bottom of the repeating group.

We´ve achieved something with “load more items” button but when you have to show them all it gets really slow.


@ryanck, one potential solution is to load the invoicing content before the user requests it, so that you can display it immediately when the user requests it.

For example:
Create a 1px by 1px repeating group with all of the info you’re requesting. Set it to invisible until the entire page loads (so it won’t try to load data until everything else loads, to prevent it from getting in the way of the initial page load). Then, when user clicks on the button/link to view the invoicing set the full size repeating group to display, and have it reference the 1x1 repeating group that’s already loaded as the source since all of the information is already loaded client side.

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