Long wait for repeating group

Hi Bubble Forum Peeps

Could you please help: my app has a repeating group with a looooooong list of cells. Each cell contains some text, a few icons and a nice picture. The problem is on page load. It seems like the page loads the entire RG before showing anything. It takes a few minutes to load, which is very bad for user experience…

Any advice?

A few minutes is surprising to hear. So I’m guessing there may be a handful of places of optimization.

For this repeating group, is it set to full list or do you have it limited? How many items are you attempting to pull from the database? Are the images optimized for a repeating group or are they large files (ex. high quality print-quality images). Do you have lots of complex privacy roles or are they straightforward?

To start, it’s better to only use full list if you know that the list is going to be manageable in length and you’re not pulling a ton of data. It’s better to start with a fixed number of cells or vertical scrolling, which pulls only data as the user interacts.