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Improvements to the Slidebar menu plugin

The sliderbar has some limitations.

  1. There’s no way to change the hover color of the menu items. Could this be added as an option?
  2. There’s no way to define a shadow for the flyout menu. Could this be added as an option?
  3. There’s no way to set the distance from the top or send the flyout menu to the back. I would like to make the menu look like this one where it’s not covering the header. Could this be added as an option?

Bonus request:

  1. Add ability to add icons to menu items. :slight_smile:

I just added 1, 2, 3. The icon is a bigger pain, you can do a lot with groups though.


Thanks Emmanuel!


just wanted to ask how I can work with groups in the slider menu?

Would like to add current users profile pic to the sliderbar menu. Is that possible?

I cant see where I can edit the menu itself (besides entering menu points in the configuration)

Any improvements? Is there a way to organize the menu? For example changing it as a group? Or do I need to do it in a different way?

think you could get slidebar have “opening slide > bottom” option?

What about a way to unset the current option? If you have a one page app with groups and you want to have a page closed by an “X” then you need a way to deselct the current slide menus option. What happens now is if i was to “X” and later went to go back to that screen i would have to choose a different slide menu selection before i can choose that page again.