In-app messaging: How to limit messages to specific chat

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I’ve been able to implement an in-app messaging feature, but I can’t seem to figure out how to limit the messages in the actual chat box to specific chat-room messages, meaning the user’s see all chat messages.

Data breakdown:

I have a page that has data sourced to: “current booking page …”

Then I have a group that data sourced to “chat”:


Then I have a repeating group that data sourced to that specific chat:

Then in the specific cell, I have a group that searches for messages:


Lastly, a message with the text:


Where am I going wrong? I can create different bookings and see all the messages, not just a specific chat’s messages.

Just kidding! Figured it out, just didn’t have privacy settings correctly.

While privacy roles are one way of solving it, you may want to take a look at the structure of your database to resolve the structural issue.

If you have the notion of Chat Rooms (that are associated with a specific Booking), then you should have two separate tables in your database (or use “Booking” as the host).

Table 1: Chat Room: contains a list of Messages.
Table 2: Message: parent chat.

So, with every booking, you can create a Chatroom (or Conversation); a 1:1 association. Then, when a user is sending a message, you first, create a new “Message”, and your next workflow is to “Add results of Step 1 to Chat Room’s Messages”.

Then, when you are displaying data in the repeating group, your data source is Booking’s Chatroom’s List of Messages.


@dan1 what plugin are using for these in app messages?

@calvin1 There is no need for any plugin. You can create a chat with bubbles toolkit. :slight_smile:

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@dev2 How about push notifications for the users that need to see them? Any recommendations?

@calvin my recommendation for push notification google firebase