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Messaging System Questions


I am looking to create a messaging system for my users to communicate with a group of up to 3 other people.

I have the chats organized in a repeating group and each element has an “open chat” button. I would like to set it up so when you click the “open chat” button, it will display a pop-up window with all the messages inside.

How would I go about getting this started?

Thanks for the help!

  • Alec

Hey Alec,

You would set the type of the pop-up to “Chat” (if that’s what your data type is) and then on the workflow for the Open Chat, the following actions:

  • Show Popup
  • Display Data in Group > Select Popup as Element > Data to Display is “This cell’s chat”

Anything inside that popup will now display data from that chat.

Gaby | Coaching Bubble


Thank you for the response! I’m having a couple issues…

  1. The messages won’t display in the chat when I type and click send
  2. It doesn’t seem to be pulling the selected cell’s information, I’ll provide screenshots of what I’m doing

Hopefully the screenshots will provide enough information for you to see what I’m doing wrong.

Thanks for the help!

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Ok, you need to restructure how you’re saving the messages a little. I’m going to assume that a chat is like a topic that contains a list of messages related to the topic.

So for each chat, you’d need a list of messages. The messages field should be a list that is type text. When the Send button is clicked, the action should actually be “Make a change to parent group (that is, the popup)'s chat” > field to change is Messages: add MultiLineInput’s value. So you’re adding a new text to the message list within the chat that this popup is displaying.

Currently, the way you have it set up is whenever Send is clicked, you’re creating an entire new chat, which is incorrect. You just want to create a new message within the chat.

Also, in order to display the message list, your repeating group (in the popup) data source should be Parent Group (the popup)'s messages (the text list field). That’s it. Each cell will then be each text in that list.

Does this help?

Gaby | Coaching Bubble

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Yes this helps a lot!

Thank you, I’m still fairly new to this and trying to get over a learning curve.
I have basic knowledge but not enough to solve issues like this.

Thank you for the help!

I will reply again if anything goes wrong

  • Alec

I have run into another issue, when I send a message in the chat then close out of the popup, the repeating group element that I clicked “open chat” in disappears. Any idea why this is happening?

Hm interesting. Check your workflows? Do you have a hide element action in there by accident off the pop-up close workflow? Or is there some kind of visibility condition on the repeating group?

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It only happens when I send a message, if I open the chat and don’t send it message it’s still there.

I checked the workflow and there’s no visibility condition or hide element action.

Could you share a link to your editor?

How do I do that?

It’s just the URL in your address bar for your Bubble editor. Not the preview page. Looks something like:

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There you go, please don’t break it :slight_smile:

I’m attempting something similar to Alec. But I have several questions. I am already saving calendar events under data type ‘Log’. Should I create a new data type for the RG things? And, would the RG accept data from different types? I have created a ‘username’ field to display in the RG but it is a User type and the other data to display in the RG is of ‘Log’ type. Thanks.

Airdev released a public messenger. You can find it via forum search. It would probably be super helpful here.

I’ll give it a look. I pretty much have the messaging system working, just the one little glitch with the chat disappearing after you send a message.

Hey so sorry for the delay. Your link looks like it’s private.

Hm, I might want to see your page to get a better understanding of your data sources and elements. Share a link?

I set it so you can view it, sorry I forgot to change that.

Looks like it’s working to me? I opened chats and closed and also opened and sent a message and closed - the RG stays visible.

Might just be a glitch for me, I’ll give it a look.