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In my mobile application I get this error of ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME

Hello, I wanted to know how I can link a message from my app to WhatsApp because I already tried with the button and its external web link, but I get the same error, I also try with a text link and it is the same I get the same error, Someone could help me is for when a client asks for an order and I want that when he asks for his order he can do it on WhatsApp, I don’t know what the error could be, please, someone who can give me a solution, Thank you

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I’m not expert but no one else responded … the little I know is it is to do with Android and its web browser/webport not allowing URLS that start with things (schemes) like


Compare that URL to https://…

You probably need to google something like “How to open whatsapp from a link on an android phone?”