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Using WhatsApp custom URL scheme in mobile app?

Hi There,

I have successfully tested the following WhatsApp URL scheme using a Link element to an external URL like so:


Testing in the Bubble test app this works perfectly, it opens the WhatsApp app installed on my phone and pre-populates a message.

When I deploy this to Live this does not work and I get this load error (see screen below).

I have other similar URL scheme links for Facebook, Twitter, SMS and Email which all work perfectly fine in Live mode.

any ideas?

That’s weird! Especially because it works with everything but Whatsapp Could you share a link to the app?

yeah very weird!

it’s a mobile app, so a sending a link won’t help to see the results unless you have it in your bubble test app and a live version installed.

@emmanuel perhaps there’s something different that happens in Live mode as oppose to Test for this not to work?