Multiline input to separate database records [almost solved!]

I followed a tutorial I found on here to take separate lines on a multiline input and save them as individual records in a database. Everything seems to be working except I get one row with the lines separated by commas, instead of multiple rows.

Can anyone help me with the last step here?

Regex used: [^\n][^\n][^\n]

  1. I want John to be one record, Jack to be another, etc…

Hey @don2 :wave:

I think this might be a good use case for Schedule API Workflow on a List. Then run the same workflow and it should work the way you want it to I believe.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Thanks for the reply @J805 ! To be clear, are you saying to make the API Workflow a List? If I do that I get this error:

Or, are you saying make a new API Workflow and make that a list?

No worries. :blush:

Your variable should not be a list. So you can uncheck the ‘is a list/array’.

Then when you trigger your backend workflow, it should be a ‘Schedule API Workflow on a List’ instead of ‘Schedule API Workflow’.

Does that make sense? :blush:

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Got it! So then what should go in the “List to run on” @J805 ? I can’t put my multiline input here.

I think the type of things should be a text. Then you might be able to choose multiline input. :man_shrugging:t2:

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We’re almost there @J805 ! I did that and entered the multiline input extracted by the regex I mentioned earlier. It made the correct amount of rows, but the contents are still the same:

What are you extracting with regex? Sorry I’m not very familiar with regex codes so not sure what that regex is doing. Possibly it’s putting all the values in to one string? If it is then maybe take that operator off the end and see if that works.

You might then have to choose multi-input’s value’s ‘name of field’ in the variable.

I think the last thing you need is:

When Scheduling the API Workflow on a List you just need this last part.

variable = this text

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It works, thank you so much!!

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No problem. Glad it worked! :blush: