Making changes to a thing with empty fields?

I have a quite long forms saved as a thing on the data base that the user submits. But in 60% of the cases the user doesn’t field all the fields on the form (it’s not necessary and it’s okay)

However the issue comes when I try to update those forms that are only 60% filled.

when I click the update button in order to make changes to the thing. It doesnt work. It forces me to fill alll the fields on the form. it doesnt accept empty fields when I try to make changes to a thing

On the other hand if the form is 100% filled everything works fine

Do you guys know how to me this work ?


In the update form, do the inputs that would be optional have the option “This input should no be empty” checked?

If yes, you need to uncheck them.

Oh You’re right. Thank you very much. Yeah that was the issue