Incomprehensible data loss

I’m experiencing a data lost on a client app.

  • Logs do not show any important activity.
  • Database restoration does not work neither.
  • I haven’t copied the dev version into the live one for weeks.
  • And Bubble status do not indicate any outage.

Has someone experienced something similar today ?

Hi @nicolas_dap

Any suspicious transactions from the client? Can he erase? The log of operations should show activities. We have to watch this closely. Make regular backups by copying the application and data. There are not many options left. If Bubble accidentally erases, they must have the log of their operations. Send a bug report if you can find anything.

I’ll contact them. Actually I tried to look into the logs, but there are very difficult to use. And I dnon’t even see how to use them on deleted data.

Thanks for your support.

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