Inconsistencies in 'Current User' Cookie Data vs Database User Structure in Bubble

I’m encountering two anomalies between the ‘Current User’ object data structure in Bubble’s cookies (i.e. before the current user has logged in) and the corresponding ‘User’ data type structure in the Bubble app database:

  1. Data Structure Mismatch:
  • The apps database ‘User’ Structure includes fields such as “Date agreed to terms and privacy docs”, “Last Active”, “Organisations”, “Pending email verification”, “Role”, which are absent in the ‘Current User’ cookie structure.

User Structure in database:

Current User structure as shown in debugger prior to login:

  1. Unexpected Data Population:
  • Despite “Date signup completed” not being set to populate a value by default, its value in cookies mirrors “Created Date” and “Modified Date” value after being created.

Does anyone understand the Current User feature prior to login well enough to explain this and how to fix?

Do you have a db trigger set to apply that date?

I was losing my shit recently around this topic. After a small amount of back-and-forth with Bubble support team, it came to my attention that we were having a trigger fire every time our up time bot checkEd that our app with still active. This was resulting in extra capacity usage and some endless loops. These issues have all since been addressed but it’s something to be mindful of.

Hi @jared.gibb - thanks for replying. Yes, it seems like there’s some inconsistent behaviour in this feature, but no, I do not have any database triggers set up that might be doing this.

After reviewing wokflows in more detail I decided to remove my logic dependency on “Date signup completed” and have worked around the issue for now.