Incorrect search for count and repeating group behaviour

I’m a bit stumped and could really use help, I think bubble is doing something behind the scenes that doesn’t match what the interface infers. Details below:

Two Objectives
First, count the total number of table rows that meet the following conditions:

  • Reviewed = “no”
  • LearningModule = Parent group’s Learning Module (this is coming from current cell for a repeating group)
  • Submitted = “yes”

Second, show each row one at a time in a pop-up window that has a repeating group to facilitate this, and use previous & next buttons to step through each result.

The conditions used are the same, except for the source of LearningModule. In this case pressing the button that opens the pop-up sets a State variable to the current cell’s learning module. Then for the pop-up repeating group, the condition for LearningModule = the state variable’s value.

The searched table is structured as follows with sample values below the table headers:

ChallengeQuestion | Submitted | Learning Module | Reviewed | response ID
challenge 1 | no | learning module 1 | yes | unique id
challenge 1 | no | learning module 1 | yes | unique id
challenge 2 | no | learning module 1 | yes | unique id
challenge 3 | no | learning module 2 | yes | unique id

To summarize the above, there can be multiple challenges to one learning module, and the repeating group with the counts displays a row per learning module while the repeating group in the pop-up displays a result per unique id.

Expected Result
The counts would be as follows

  • Learning module 1: 3
  • Learning module 2: 1

The pop-up, when opened to learning module 1, would allow me to step through 2 more rows, then step back to the first row, ultimately viewing 3 rows total.

Actual Result
The count for learning module 2 is correct. The count for learning module 3 is greater than 3.

The pop-up, when opened to learning module 1, get’s stuck when stepping from a row with challenge 1, to a row with challenge 2.

When the Reviewed value in the row for challenge 2 changes from no to yes, then the count and stepper results become correct.

You should show screen shots of how you have everything setup

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Adding screenshots for the main issue, getting stuck viewing all results in the pop-up’s repeating group:

Setting the selected module:

Data source for the pop-up repeating group:

Current cell used to show individual row from the search results:

Logic to hide or show the previous button:

Logic to hide or show the next button:

Workflow to change to previous row in search results:

Workflow to change to next row in search results:

Screenshots of the actual result:

In the pop-up, looks good at first:

On clicking next response, the result changed but no previous button appears, per the initial post’s scenario the challenge changed from 1 to 2 in this second screenshot though in this case there was one challenge 1 and many challenge 2s:

On clicking next response again, the response changes and the previous button now appears:

I’m able to click next one more time, where before the Next Response button is hidden, making 4 of 6 total responses accessible on first page load:

When using Previous Response to step back, the first result is never accessible, making only 3 responses accessible after stepping past the first response.

Test repeating group that shows all unique ID’s correctly showing with same search terms and I manually verified this from the source data as well:

Screenshots added

Figured out my own mistake, not sure why I kept missing this over and over again…

I’d mixed and matched the search condition to the wrong data type in a few places including the Previous and Next buttons.

This is what it should have been:

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