Why repeating group shows one less row in Preview?

Hello cool people from the forum,

My repeating group has 4 rows, but in Preview it only shows 3 rows. I attached two screenshots here…

What happened?



Hi there, @WildlyOptimistic… are you using two repeating groups there (one to show the main courses and one to show the dropdowns)? You are going to have to provide more info (including screenshots of the setup of your repeating group(s) ) if you want help on this one.


Thanks for the reminder Mike !

Yes, two Repeating Groups. (I tried to use 1 repeating group to make things easier, but it didn’t work. I asked the question in another post
Option Set within a Repeating Group)

Here’s a screenshot of the editor for the Repeating Group B.

What I’ve been struggling to achieve is to create a new data which should includes all 4 reviews on 4 main course by clicking on “Submit” button only once.

I’m just trying to work my way around it. But Workflow don’t give me the option of creating the new field values. I can’t find “= current users’ option” .


Yup, I saw your other post, and Adam gave you the answer. What you are doing now (using two repeating groups, that is) is absolutely not the way to do what you are trying to do.

Yes, Yes.

I didn’t reply to Adam’s thread yet is because I’ve been still trying to read some tutorial on customer states list first. There’s not much materials that I could find online to learn about it yet.

And interestingly enough, actually it worked if I don’t use repeating group at all.

If I only list out 4 main courses row by row manually, and place dropdown options also manually, the Dropdown Option will automatically change themselves into Dropdown A/B/C/D, on the contrary , in Repeating Group it only demonstrates Drop down A repeatedly.

I thought Repeating Group is supposed to be the smart function that figured out my needs, and change accordingly . LOL


I know you are joking, but unfortunately, that’s what most folks actually think about the Bubble platform in general, and it’s why they all struggle so much.

There is plenty of content out there on custom states, so get to learnin’ and work toward implementing the solution that Adam gave you.

The answer to your specific question is simple…

Your second repeating group is showing ‘All Review Level OS’, and you only have 3 of those (according to your last post - ‘Poor’, 'Average, ‘Good’), so that’s exactly what should be happening (how could it show more options than exist in your app?)

in Repeating Group it only demonstrates Drop down A repeatedly.

Yes… that’s the whole point of a Repeating Group (the clue is in the name)… whatever elements are in one cell will be ‘Repeated’ in every cell (obviously they can be populated with dynamic data unique to each cell, or have conditional formatting based on the cell content - but the contents of each cell is ‘Repeated’).

If you’re still struggling to understand my answer to your previous post, here’s a working example that might help you:

Meal Rating (bubbleapps.io)

Will do

Cheers Mike

Thanks Adam, heading over to that link now !

Hi @adamhholmes , Can you please lemme see the editor for Meal Rating again ? If it is still there ?

Thank you for your kind help,


Yeah it should still be open to view.

Thank you Adam,

I’m trying to figure out how you set the Custom States.

When I was trying to submit a set of ratings, it says: Denne applikation har sin grænse for antallet af ting i databasen. Opgrader din applikation for at fortsætte med at gemme data.

Does it mean the database is full ?

@WildlyOptimistic yep… the database was full, as it’s on a free plan (I’ve no idea why it was set to show in Danish though!!)

I’ve cleared out some of the database now, so if should work again.

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Thank you Adam !

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