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I have a mobile app written in Bubble and packaged via BDK. It is a messenger-like application. However, I am not satisfied with the speed of chats. I made a video of how the chat works. Do you think the app is slow? Or is this normal speed for an app written in Babble? Is there any way to increase the speed of sending a message? Thank you!

It seems pretty standard. There are some potential tricks to make it faster / feel faster.

  1. As part of your workflow when the user hits send, you could add that message to the repeating group of messages so it updates immediately. At the moment it takes a moment because the message needs to send to the server, get created in the database and then get returned back to the user. So this is never going to be instant.

  2. Look at how you might be able to slow everything down and make it feel a bit more slick by adding transitions and animations to your elements. This can go a long way to making an app feel faster without actually changing anything performance-wise. At the moment it feels a bit jumpy (and therefore slow) because there are no transitions or animations.

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Good afternoon! Could you tell us more about the transitions and animations, how it should be implemented in practice?

Solid advice.

Not to be rude but this is a bit like asking someone to UX your app for you. A bunch of googling looking at example messenger app gifs/videos/etc will give you a bunch of ideas of what to add

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