Increase in 404 pages

I got this in an email from Google. All the crawl errors happened on 12/17 and are continuing through 12/18. Is this a known issue for Bubble or something specific with my app?

Increase in “404” pages on

To: Webmaster of,

Googlebot identified a significant increase in the number of URLs on that return a 404 (not found) error. This can be a sign of an outage or misconfiguration, which would be a bad user experience. This will result in Google dropping those URLs from the search results. If these URLs don't exist at all, no action is necessary.

Sounds like something specific to your app.

Did you check your google analytics account to see what pages those people are on before they end up on the 404 page? Alternatively, you could go through your site and just click on all of the links to see which, if any, lead to a 404.

The other possibility is that another site is sending traffic to a page on your site that no longer exists at that URL.


The error message said that URLs on my landing page lead to a 404 error. For some reason, Google thinks that all of these are URLs on my landing page (they are not as far as I know):

This started happening starting 12/16. Any ideas?

Do you have any rogue plug-ins installed?

I have a bunch of plugins but all of them are pretty well known. Have you seen this before?

I have not seen this issue before, I was just thinking about places to investigate. :man_shrugging:

Could it be an issue with your SSL? …just one non-obvious possibility that could explain it.

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