Increase the Bubble page load speeds with Cloudflare

Yes, still

Note : Bubble as backend, and front end using a single html element including html/tailwindcss, alpine.js and other js libs (without plugins-I use few Bubble plugin but the idea is later to remove them and use the libs in the pages requiring these lib)

hello @meinharttv thanks for sharing,
Wondering what is " PWA elemnts" and how should I apply this to my bubble app?


Thanks, @levon
Load time reduced by approx. 50% ( 6.86s down to 3.68s ). Fully loaded single page mobile ready app. 20+ group/psuedo pages, custom JS, custom CSS, 20+plugins,
Estimated: 800+workflows, 4000+ workflow steps, 2000+ element conditionals. So likely JS heavy.

The improvement is impressive.


hello @levon !

just came accross with this post here and checking the forum it seems that this practice is now outdated, once Bubble already handles the cloudflare integration. Is that correct?

i checked my app at gtmetrix and i see a huge difference on page load speeds of ~4s less when comparing the access from Canada and Brazil (where i am and users are).

this fact made me think that maybe i could have some improvements by optimizing some cloudflare configuration to have my source nearer from South America.

do you envise that the change from nameservers would bring any gains?

as a reference, now gtmetrix tells me that my SPA loads from Brazil on 11,4s (FCP 7,6s) and from Canada on 7,1s (FCP on 3,8s) → 4,3s less for full loading / 3,8s less for FCP. huge difference!!

hello @jgellis, nice improvement! where are you located? would appreciate to know more about your settings at cloudflare. could we talk?

Hi @vizinhotop.adm , we did find the Cloudflare service improved our access speeds however shortly after we tested this Bubble actually implemented a Cloudflare environment which negated the advantage of us repointing our DNS and subscribing. In additions the recent changes in price has moved us totally in another direction.

We are migrating off of Bubble over the next several months and re-writing our app as a full stack architecture where we have complete control over our code. We are leveraging a multi site VPS service in the US and will be using Cloudflare API services to speed up traffic flow from the EU when we move into that market mid next year since we are in North America.

Sorry I can not offer more help.


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thanks for the feedback… maybe this is a path that i might pursue in the near future, as i am based on south america. the response times here are awful…

still investigating the options on the table, as i would not intend to move off bubble yet.

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