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10 seconds to TTFB

Hi Team,

We’ve just deployed our very simple Bubble app to a live domain (

We are experiencing very slow server response times (10 seconds plus) before we receive the first bit. See screenshot below:

After someone has gone to the page once, load times are fast, though, after about 8 hours, you’ll have another slow server response (my guess is the browser cache expires). The App is simple (basically just a landing page at this point). There are no workflows except to navigate when you click a button.

We tried setting up Cloudflare to ameliorate this issue, but since Bubble sends a no-cache header, Cloudflare does not Cache the page, so I’m confident it is our origin server (Bubble), not anything else.

Has anyone faced this? Aside from this server wait time, we’re totally fine with the speed. But if we can’t fix it, we will need to move away to something else ASAP.


Another example where the waiting time was 1 second on a simple refresh of the page (on a different computer).

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I have exactly the same problem, the first access takes about 10 seconds, and then the others go quickly…I’m in Brazil and I have the same problem.
See the my first access:
@josh @emmanuel @renatoasse

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This is exactly it.
And it’s intermittent, I just loaded your site and it was sub-2 seconds.
Our apps aren’t that complex either… I have a bug report open. I’ll point the team to your video too

Here’s another image of it happening on mine today.

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This is my first access on iphone:

If you have any news, tell me in the comments…thank you

Thanks, they said it could be due to the number of images on the page and asked if it occurred on any other pages.

I’ve rebuilt it all in Webflow for the time being, so my plan is to strip all the images from the home page and see if it keeps occurring.

They said they couldn’t see anything in the logs. Perhaps put in a bug request as well

I reduced my homepage down to nothing but <50kbs of image and text. Still seeing a 10 second delay on first hit - unfortunately didn’t capture the screenshot.
I’ll get a recording of it and then continue to delete things like custom fonts and the FB Pixel + Google Analytics - each time seeing if there is a change. Will keep you updated


I’ve stripped out all images, custom fonts, scripts, and plugins from the homepage.

Time to load is still 10 seconds - following up with IT on that.

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