Cloudfront KILLS page load times?

It seems like many folks are experiencing the same issue wrt page load times.

It’s a showstopper for deploying a Bubble app. No users will accept 6-8 second page loads as they navigate between screens. I do not want to create a SPA - sucks for SEO.

Is there a fix @Bubble? Anyone?


Adding my voice to this question. Would love to know if there is anything we can do ?


Same here. Link clicks/page views rate are like 5-6 to 1. No one will wait that long.

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Any solutions for this?

I had to move to a single page app to make bubble viable, even navigation to empty pages took up to 12 seconds.

We just added a loading screen to distract from the long load speed on initial load for single page app.

Problem is, SPA is hard to maintain and you don’t get seo value.

I’m sure @Bubble is working on it based on updates I’ve received from Support but I do wonder how long it takes to fix some of the issues that are clearly identified in any Google PageSpeed test - most of which seem to relate to Cloudfront

Hopefully @bubble will chime in on this. Cloudfront will be the death of our relationship. I am a huge bubble fan, but this just can’t happen. It’s wayyyyy too slow!

Any updates?

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Curious if anyone raised the issue with Bubble support and if so what did they say?

Adding my voice to this. Same issues with page load-time. Would love to know if there is anything we can do ? @Bubble please help.

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Yes I’m getting the same.

3-8 seconds for the page to load.

If I run it in safemode - without plugins, then it’s fine.

So it’s worth playing detective to see which plugin is causing it.

@freehold2018, @omar.benammar, @dee, @chris.williamson1996, @ed727, @rrgustav

I’ve solved this for my instance of the problem.

Uninstalling the 'Simple Chart’ plugin, removes the problem.

I copied my app including the database, then removed plugins one by one until I found the error went away when Simple Charts was uninstalled. Repeated verifying this by creating 4 new copies of the app, and just uninstalling Simple Charts.

Your cloudfront problems may have different root causes, this is mine.



thank you for sharing this. I hope the plugin with make the necessary fixes (it’s a good tool :slight_smile: )

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Yes there have. If you’re using it, upgrade to the latest version.


thanks a lot @andrew.mcdonagh :pray: :pray: :pray:
I am’ not using this plugin on my index page but I will update the version right now.

I will keep you posted guys if we see any improvements. (or not).

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