Increasing page height based on reusable elements contents

I’m trying to build a single page app by showing/hiding reusable groups to try and containerize our workflows and layouts a bit.

The problem is with pushing other elements down on the single app page

When the reusable element contains a repeating group set to ext. vertical scroll, things behave how I would hope (the reusable element grows and pushes other elements down) but not so for the other reusable groups.

Is there a best practice here I’m not using? Is there a better way to do this?

Here’s a simple demo:

Putting the reusable elements in collapsing groups deals with reseting the page height after showing the repeating group:

Editor Here:

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Hi. It really depends how many groups you are trying to show. The way I achieved this is as follows:

I made the page height as long as my longest group. Under each group I placed a group that is hidden when the group with the content is showing and I applied collapse height when hidden to all groups.

Here is an example:

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