Add Elements to a Reusable Element

I’m trying to add elements to my repeating group. I’ve designed a cascading group that opens and closes on click, which I’d like to use in multiple places. You can see this here:

It seems that reusable elements can only be static and can’t be edited.

Does this have to be created as a plugin? Or can reusable elements be used as new groups?

Since your app was set to Everyone can edit, I made a small example within your app.

When you create a reusable element that you want to nest within a repeating group, you need to give it a data source (in this case, I set it to User). When you set the content, that enables it to inherit information from the current cell of that repeating group, making it dynamic.

Reusable elements are very much dynamic. (When placed on a page/popup, they aren’t editable. This is because the reusable element is only defined in one place and remains common across all of the different instances in which it appears). You can always edit a reusable element by going to the element itself (either from the search menu in the upper left of the editor or by clicking on an instance of the reusable element and clicking “Edit element”)



I figured what I want to do wasn’t possible. What I was looking for was the ability to make “Element Templates” that can be modified, similar to the “Tab Element”.

Apparently it’s in the roadmap though.

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