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Incrementing Input Value when + is clicked


I’m trying to make sure the number increases when “+” is clicked. Following is what i tried:

And the debugger shows the value is increasing, but the value in the input field remains the same. What am I missing? Image of he debugger below:

What’s the inputs initial content? Maybe try adding “reset relevant inputs” as an intermediate workflow step.

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Tried that. Didn’t work. I’ll try again. The intial content

Make the initial content be the state’s value

That isn’t helping either

Please try below link,

this is working based on custom state.


Make the initial content of the input a custom state that is of type “number” with default value of “1”. Place the input inside of a group. Press the button, add 1 to the custom state value, and then reset the data of the group containing the input.

Thank you so much. This helped. And I also added one more workflow. When the value is changed, assign the value to the customer state, so that, the manually entered value is also processed. Also grouped all of them and did rest group data. Not sure how this helped, but it is working even if i enter it manuallly. Appreciate the help and the time taken to put the scren shots together.

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Thank you so much Brian. After i put reset group data, it seems to be working for the manually entered numbers as well. Not sure what rest group data does though, or not sure how it helped me in this case.

Appreciate the help!

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It’s my pleasure! I have literally the same user interface in my app, which is why I knew the answer because I struggled with this before myself.

A lot of newer users confuse the “reset inputs” action as a catchall for any inputs, but the truth is that it’s only for inputs that were used in the same workflow that action appears in. For any other situation, resetting the data of the group containing inputs is the easiest way to clear them.

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