How to change input value

I try to build simple counter which include text(only number) input and 2 buttons of + and -
when user use the + button its adding 1 number up and the - button is 1 number down I did it with custom state
as you can see in this link
the thing is that when Im trying to edit the field manually the buttons are not working any more
I know it can be done using the data base but in this case I want it to work only at the frontend side
Does someone knows what to do ?
Thanks Barak

Here is how I have done it

Hey thanks for your video
but as i said I did it and its work but
when I try to change the value field for example if I type number 5 and then I pres + the button is no longer works
Did you solve that to ?
Thanks Barak

Yes, changing the input also works. Forgot to include that in the video.

Hey Siva
It is great you’ve helped me a lot

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