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Incrementing 'Likes' by 1 each time

My Users can create Things called “Successes”. I’ve created a field under Successes called “Likes” and each time someone clicks a thumbs up icon, the Likes should be incremented by 1.

But my problem is, Likes are being incremented by 2 the first time the icon is clicked, then for each subsequent click Likes are being incremented by 1 as I would expect. I’ve examined the page in the debugger but can’t detect anything amiss. Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated.

Here is how I’ve laid it out:

Can you share a link to the page so that we can take a look?

Sure. Here you go:

Thank you.

I just tried on this page, and things look fine to me…

The issue where Likes are incremented by two only occurs the first time you click on the thumbs up icon - when Likes are set at 0. After Likes are great than 0 it works as expected.

Try this one where Likes are currently set to 0:

I tried the link you sent when it was at 0 and it worked fine for me - moved to 1, then 2, etc, one click at a time.
What browser are you using? Have you tried disabling extensions?