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Likes counter doesn't seems to work properly

Hi, my users have a “Likes” counter, but even though I’m trying to make it that every friend can vote\like each user just once (as on facebook) - it keeps counting and raising the number. I did many conditions and made each user a field of “FriendsILiked” and added the user they liked, so i could check if it contains the current user they wanna like, and other conditions - but it keeps getting me the same result.
Do you have a hint?

The way I handled it was to:

Setup the Like button so it’s only clickable if current user has not liked whichever user they are looking at - this way you can’t click more after clicking it once. After clicking it automatically displays the unlike button which uses the reverse logic.

So I’d look more at the button interface to stop multiple likes from happening.

I did many manupulations, but had problems.
Your idea with dislike is good, might be useful.
Another question: I tried to add every liked person into the liking person’s list of friends, and then counting it, but it doesn’t work. What could be the problem?

Can you show your work - the screen where you are setting the count at and the bubble query you are doing?

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Hey, I think i solved it. Thanks for your help!

Awesome glad you figured it out!

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