Index Page Assistance

I know how to change an index page, but for some reason I have been trying to change the index page by pressing the edit button and it is not changing. It says it is loading and then goes back to the same page.

Other pages it allows me to change to index page, but for some reason the login page it will not allow me to make it the index page…

Any help would be appreciated

Create savepoint so you can revert if anything goes weird.

  1. Backup Index Page If you want to.
    Create new page, based on, index page, called Index_old

  2. Delete everything on index page.

  3. Go to page you want copied and start right clicking copy w/ Workflow

  • If you have a bunch of elements you can group them all first into one big one, then transfer, then remove the big group if you want.

Should work. Goodluck!

Thank you. I will give that a try.