Changing Index page crashes my app?

For what ever reason… picking this action seems to crash the app?
Is this a known bug? Is there a work around for this please?

Changing the index page can be a fairly intensive operation. Generally (and not too surprisingly), I’ve found that the operation didn’t complete in some larger apps.

To the extent possible, try to reduce any unnecessary objects within your app (ex. sandbox pages that point to the index, complex logic relying on the old index page, etc.). As well, try starting with a fresh session (and no other Bubble tabs open). Give it a few minutes to complete.

That makes a lot of sense @dan1 – Thanks a lot… I will try these steps. Thank you.

Happy to help. Report back with any results :slight_smile:

@dan1 – I tried that but it kept causing other issues.
I ended up creating a quick “loading” page with an animated gif and then redirecting quickly to the necessary pages bases using conditional logic.

Thanks for your help.

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