Inner AND Outer shadows possible?


I don’t think the editor allows an inner AND outer boxshadow to be put on a button (or anything really).

Here is an example of a button I’m making right now with an outer group + inner group (transparent inner shadow) + text as a workaround that makes conditionals much more involved than just having a single button:


Is it possible to add the option for multiple shadows to groups & buttons? Also, an option for 2 layered boxshadows would be awesome to help soften and make outer shadows more natural.

Yes…it is outset and inset on the element editor

Also, I don’t think emmanuel will be responding to forum posts any longer…he may be a bit busier these days

If you are new to bubble watch the video lessons they provide, also look onto the youtube channels available from other users…coaching bubble is a good one

If you want an inner and outer shadow on one button you need to get creative and think outside the box…my first thought is to layer the button with another element that has a shadow as well so that I could achieve my goal of something that seems like bubble has not built into the editor already.

Hey! I am not new no worries :slight_smile: Definitely understand Emmanuel’s busy though!

That button above is something I’ve already built in Bubble, and I’m hoping to get easier multi-shadows for different components (buttons/groups) to make styling easier across a large app.

More of a feature request that I’ve already managed to create a workaround for :+1:

They have a feature request ( idea ) section for the forum…also there is a forum thread with an ongoing list of feature requests getting compiled…you may want to add the post to those areas

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