Inpainting Parts of Image


I am looking to edit out certain parts of an image I uploaded onto my application, but not sure how to go about this.

For example, let’s say I upload a photo of myself and I want to edit out the background, how would I go about creating something that does this?

I provided an example gif attached here of what I am looking to create.

Appreciate any help, thanks. (1)

There’s multiple ways of going about it:

  1. Remove bg - it’s a service that removes background from images. If that’s all you need we’ve got the plugin for it on plugin marketplace.
  2. Plugin Marketplace - If you need more than background removing try searching plugin marketplace for things like: image editor.
  3. API Connector - If plugins won’t do you can always integrate any third party services to Bubble via API Connector
  4. Hyperplugs - If none of the above is suitable, you can go to Hyperplugs and request a plugin to be developed for you.

Ya unfortunately, remove bg doesn’t do the job for what I’m wanting and the plugin marketplace currently has no plugins that have an eraser like tool for the user to actively erase parts of their image. The image editing plugins currently only have tools like cropping, effects, etc. But no erasing.

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