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Input 'Content format' as MM/YY

@emmanuel - would it be possible to add an Input ‘Content format’ of MM/YY please? This would be very helpful for validating Credit Card expiration dates. Thanks!

We can’t really have such a feature currently (since it’s not going to be a date in terms of data type). Why don’t you use 2 inputs.

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Thanks @emmanuel - I agree 2 inputs would provide a decent UX as well. I guess another option would be pull-downs (e.g. Amazon)…

Out of curiosity about the Bubble platform thought, would there be other ways to go about implementing this type of a feature from my side?

@emmanuel - on a similar note, what about the idea of allowing only specific characters into a field? That would provide some nice validation power. Thanks!

It’s a great idea. We’ll put that on the wish list but don’t have a timeline in this.

Cool, thanks! By the way, I am sure you hear this all the time, however I’m really enjoying the Bubble platform - it’s great.

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