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Make Search Case Insensitive?

Hi All, new Bubble user here. This is my first post to the forum. I was following a tutorial on YouTube that walks me through creating certain parts of a job board. One of the features that I implemented is a “search” feature. However, the search appears to be case sensitive. As you could imagine, this is not very practical. A search for “burger flipper” ignores any job listing that were entered as “Burger Flipper.” Is there a way to make searching case insensitive in Bubble? If yes, could someone please let me know the best approach?

Thanks everyone!

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Another more elaborate approach is to create all your search texts as either uppercase or lowercase. When edits are done also save the same way.

And when you do the search use :uppercase or :lowercase


Thank you, Sir! Using “contains keyword(s)” worked perfectly. I continue to be amazed by how powerful this thing is.

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