Input element misalignment issue


Not sure what’s going on here. I’m creating a front end table with a search box and a drop-down filter. I place them on the page aligned horizontally on opposite ends of the page. However, when I do this, one of the elements jumps up and to the right totally misaligned

As you see, Search box and Category dropdown on the same row/line. But when I preview:

What’s going on here? What could be the issue? This is very frustrating.

Thanks for your help!

Could be any number of things…

Maybe post some screenshots of your current layout settings for the elements and their containers if you want someone to assist…

Hi - what do you mean layout setting for the elements? I thought i had.

I’m totally new to this platform.

Below are screenshots of the 2 elements’ properties:

Is this what you mean? The Y value for the two elements is “88” and “48”. But that’ snot what I’m getting when I preview.

Does this make it easier to figure out what’s going on?

Thank you!

I see you’re using the old (legacy) responsive engine rather than the new (Beta) one…

So in that case you’ll need to check your responsive settings for the elements in the responsive layout editor, which can be found here:

My guess would be that your fixed margins and minimum width settings need to be changed but without being able to see your full app I can’t really say…

Best to spend some time getting to grips with responsive design in Bubble, and I’d highly recommend switching the the new responsive engine and learning than (rather than spending time learning how the old engine works) as it much simpler to get fully responsive layouts.

If you want someone to take a look in more detail, it’s probably best to share a (read-only) link to your editor, as that will be the quickest way for someone to see what’s going on, rather than trying to guess based on a screenshot or two.


No one told me about the new Responsive Engine! lol

But yes, it seems that’s all it was - uncheck fixed margins and things are better - still not perfect but seems like i’m going to have to spend some time playing about with responsive settings as I add other elements.


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+1 to what @adamhholmes said above. Please start building in the new responsive engine! It will save you an endless amount of headaches and the beta has gone on for long enough that it is practically bug free. I can’t say for sure, but I would be surprised if it was not the default editor by the end of the year. Good luck with your Bubbling!

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