Input fields in a repeating group > JSON array

I’m really struggling with an issue in Bubble relating to getting information out of Input fields in a repeating group, so that I can pass it as a JSON object to an API (or at the very least, get the variables out of it in text form so I can modify it).

I’ve got a repeating group that populates x number of rows with a Question Input field and then a nested repeating group in each row with 4 answer input fields. This information is pre-populated from the result of an API call that sets a page state from a JSON result.

However, I’m trying to allow the user to edit the question and answers and re-save them to update the state. I can’t figure out how to do this though.

Any advise on how this may be doable?

Use the tool box plugin to get acces to unique cells of repeating group.

this doc contains all the tutorials you need to learn the toolbox plugin

Thanks, I’ll have a watch of this video and see if I can figure it out

pay attention to last 3 videos and you will be alright
and Tell me if it doesn’t help will figure out something else
Happy Bubbling