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Editting Repeat Group data via data input fields

Hello Bubblers,

Its my day 10 and i am loving Bubble platform.

I would like to know if there is a way of sending data from back to input field from a repeat group.

My intention is to have my users follow the following steps:

  1. Fill a form and view data in a repeat group
  2. Click a check box in a repeat group data to mark row for editing
  3. Click Edit button to send data back to the input fields that created this data
  4. Edit this data and Save it a fresh

Here is the link …

You should watch the video ‘Send data to a group’, that’s pretty much what you want to do here.

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Hi @emmanuel I think what the video is showing is how to display data from a group. My question is about editing data using same by reporting data back to input field then saving it a new.

Let us know if its possible

Yes, it is possible. You send the data from the repeating group, to a group which has the inputs and they have defaults set to the groups, thing.

It will be a lot easier to allow people to edit an app, rather than try to understand what you want and then describe it back.


Ok Thank you