Input value to only allow letters (no numbers)

Hi, I’ve got a button when clicked changes the user’s Full name to whatever the input is, however I don’t want to user to add numbers to this input value for it to pass through to the database and would rather it display an error. How can I do this? Thanks

Hi there, @krazitoast… one way to do what you described is to have a workflow event associated with the button with an only when condition that looks like this.

Then, you could have an action within the event that displays an alert message. You could also use that condition to disable the submit button in the first place or you could show a message when the input’s value is changed so that the user doesn’t have to actually click the submit button in order to be told that they can’t put numbers in the field.

Hope this helps.


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Perfect it works! Thanks Mike! I’ve never used the Regex function before :slight_smile:

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