Inquiry about WU costs

I have a few questions regarding the new pricing format before defining which path to take for the optimization of my application.

1- Is the price for storing in the database indifferent to the number of characters?

For example: Is it the same to store in a field called “Name”, a name of 4 letters than one of 12 letters?

2- The steps of a workflow that have a conditional, are counted as WU if the conditional to be executed is negative?

For example, if I have a step that asks to save 20 names only if those 20 names contain a “J” and when the workflow is executed, no name with J is obtained, that step (not executed because the condition is not fulfilled), consumes me WU?

3- Finally, do we have a way to know how many WU 1 specific workflow consumes?

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  1. There is no cost associated with database storage in Bubble.

  2. In your specific example there will be no WU cost… WU costs are only for server based actions.

  3. Your server logs will show the precise WU cost for every worklfow.

Perfect dude, you’re awesome, thanks!

But I have one more question for you, when the field of a thing has a default value and I create a thing and I don’t send a value to that field, it is supposed to store the value that field has by default, right?

In that case, that writing in the database consumes me WU?

In short, it could be recommended that I do not place any default value and that if the value is not given by me with the creation of the thing, it is better to remain empty? Or is it indifferent?


Thing: Person


Corporate Email(text): Does not have (Default value.

When creating a new thing, a name is placed in the name input and the corporate email input is left empty because it is not required.

That writes me in the database the following:

Name = Peter
Corporate email = Don’t have

If I did not put a default value, it would look like this:

Name= Peter
Corporate email =

In both cases the WU consumption is the same?

Yes… it costs 0.5 WU to create a thing in the database. It makes no difference whether you set 1 or 500 fields… you’re only creating 1 thing, so the WU cost is 0.5

Full details of all WU costs are in the docs: What contributes to workload? - Bubble Docs

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Wow ok, perfect! I thought each writing was 0.5, I didn’t know it was for each Thing. Thanks a lot brother. Much appreciated.