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Insert dynamic data to text

I want to insert, inside brackets, number of days left for something. From database field named “DaysLeft”, for example. So the text wil look like this: “You have (7) days left”.
I have a field in database, but cannot insert it.

Hi there, @90c5sr0y7vpx… click in the edit window and put your cursor inside the parentheses, then click this…



I tried that ofc…:slight_smile: , and getting this:
and other options in dropdown:
No option to insert value from database.

It wasn’t clear in your first post what you tried. Where (i.e., in what data type) is the DaysLeft field? For example, if it is on the User data type, then you would use the expression Current User's DaysLeft. If it is associated with a thing in a different data type, then do a search for that thing.

I have data type “User”, and data type “Days”.
When clicking on Current User, I get all fields from data type “User”, and that is expected.
But I don’t get data type “Days” and I don’t see fields from that data type.

Use the Do a search for option in the dropdown in the screenshot in your previous response, and search for the thing in the Days data type that you want to reference. Don’t forget to add the :first item operator to the end of your search.

That is it. Thank You very much!

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