Inserting Datafields into text block in a database


I am setting up a contract creator where there is large blocks of text but I need to insert data from database into various sections of the contract…

Something like:

This contract is between <database field - client name> and <database field - customer name>.

1.1 Client Service Selected
1.1.1 <database field - service option 1 - Description>
1.1.2 <database field - service option 2 - Description>

1.2 Commencement Date

Any help will be greatly appreciated. I setup various databases and fillout forms, I now need to generate a contract based on the database values that fills into precompiled contract terms. The contract text is quite eloborate and I am using Modular Text & Docs Editor addon by Zeroqode to get the initial data for the contracts into the database.

I am familair with getting data to display normally in bubble, I am just wondering if there is a way to ad dynamic links to data inside of a text field in a database.

Kind Regards