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"insert Image" function for e-signature into PDF doesn`t appear


I use the Plug In "Simple Signature Pad/Sketchpad in order to create an electric signature.
The Problem is that the function to insert the signature does not appear on the bubble page that gets converted into a pdf.

I have two Bubble Pages. First Page “eori_cc” stands for my main application where the user types in all required infos (including electric signature)

Second Page “eori_cc2” shows the user typed-in information which gets converted into a pdf (I use the plug in pdfselect). The User Information gets displayed via Input fields that get filled via data from the data base. The only missing stone is now to insert the electric signature image into the pdf… The function to insert the dynamic image of the Sketchpad (E signature plugin) does not appear on the page from where the PDF gets created (in my screenshot you see how the function should look like.)

I tried to list the information for pdf on the main page “eori_cc”. Because then the function to insert the electric signature is availibe (on the other page “eori_cc2” it is not availabe) then the pdf plug-in does not convert the correct page into a pdf (actually it does not create any pdf)

what do i need to do that the function to insert the image of the electric signature appears for the pdf page?

Here a screenshot of the dynamic image function that is missing on the other bubble page where the pdf should be created

can anyone help out pls