e-Signing solution

Hello everyone,

This the workflow I’m trying to achieve.

  1. In the bubble app, the user will input his/her electronic signature.
  2. After clicking a button, a .pdf file will be created/generated.
  3. The generated .pdf file will be sent thru email.

Is this possible? If not can you suggest a work around?

Thank you!

Hey @ficatsuh,
Here’s a way among others that should allow you to achieve it.

  1. Let the user input their signature using a signature pad plugin.
    I’d recommend this plugin from us.

  2. Place the signature image on a page and design it the way you want (this page will be your final PDF document)

  3. Use a plugin to export the page just created as a PDF file.
    I’d recommend this plugin from Zeroqode

Cheers :clap:

Hi @vnihoul77 ,

Thank you for sharing these steps!

So I’m playing around with the signature pad plugin. I’m not sure why the signature image attribute is not available on my end. Am I missing something?



It seems like you’re using another plugin, I’d recommend this plugin from us.