Inspect (in Debugger) fails to show all fields

In the debugger, using Inspect to look at the thing (in this case named Item) that is the type of the page, Inspect is not showing all fields of the thing (Item).

This seems to be two problems:

  1. fields that are being shown are out of order.
    For instance, of the first ten fields shown by Inspect, Name, PlanStartTime, PlanStartWhen and Rank are shown out of order.

  2. Some fields are not shown at all.

Here’s how they are in the Date type spec:

I know there’s an odd behavior when fields are renamed (there seems to be some vestige of the original name used in Bubble.) That may explain fields being shown out of order in Inspect.

What makes no sense at all is fields that Inspect doesn’t show at all. Even if renamed and out of order, I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t be shown by Inspect.

Here’s another section of Inspect:

There is a WhenBegun field corresponding to WhenDone. It doesn’t show up in Inspect. There are a few other fields that Inspect fails to show.

Anybody have an explanation?

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